Mess Hall Diaries: Dry Aged Ribeye


It’s snowing outside, the Packers are on the TV and I’m marinating some chicken thighs for dinner tonight.

Winter is here.  Both in temperature and in the climate of the US of late. I’m spending more and more time in the kitchen to try and settle my mind and reconnect myself to life.

Each time I cook, especially with unfamiliar ingredients, I’m reminding myself of my humanity and my connection to the world and the people within.

In my mind, food is and has always been one of the great connectors of our world.

ok, on to the food.

Dry aging your beef might seem a bit intimidating as well as the title to a very scandalous dime novel. But I assure it’s neither…well, I’m not sure about the book title.

I learned this from Brandon…you remember Brandon right? Oh, you don’t? Well, it’s this guy.




Yeah…I know.



20161203_150242Get your beef to room temp and rinse and pat dry. Salt and pepper liberally on all sides and place between paper towels for catching da juice.

Put those bad boys in the fridge and change the paper towels for each day that you leave it in there.

Typically, depending on the fat content of the meat, I’ll keep them in the fridge for two days max.



When you’re ready to cook, take the meat our and let get to room temperature so you have more consistent cook time. Get your pan nice and hot so you can get a good sear on your meat. I did 4 minutes on each side and finished them off in the oven. (about 10 minutes in a 350-degree oven)

Once your meat is cooked to your preference, you MUST 20161205_190727LET IT REST! Don’t do all that work and wait two days to
just let all that delicious juice dribble out on your cutting board. If you want to wrap in tinfoil be sure to stop cooking a bit early so you don’t over cook your meat.

You can pretty much serve this with anything you want, I did it with some spinach, a parsnip and potato puree and a mushroom sauce.  I ended up only eating half of one and used the leftovers in tacos the next day, so it’s a pretty versatile meat. (Teehee)

Oh, some pictures of my side dishes. Pretty simple stuff on these. If you are making the mushroom sauce use the same pan as your meat and deglaze with red wine to get all those tasty bits.


All these lovely pieces came together to make this!


Super tasty stuff yall. And simple!

Oh, something I’d love my readers to help me with. I’m looking for some new recipes to try out. If you have something you’d like to see me make or a style of food you think I should work on, please let me know. I’d love to expand my horizons!


Ingredient List:


Two 12 oz ribeyes




2 cups chopped mushrooms

1 cup red wine (for deglazing the pan)

2 cups water or stock

1/4 cup parsley



Parsnip Puree

2 medium parsnips

2 medium potatoes

3 tbs of wasabi paste




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