Pazole for MamaG

Solo cooking in MamaG’s kitchen.

It’s not something I get to do often, but I got to do it last weekend.

MamaG was sidelined, recovering from knee surgery. She’s now partial bionic and will soon be more bionic once she gets the other replaced.

If you’ve ever gone through knee surgery, or any surgery for that matter, you know that cooking food is not high on your “To-do” list during recovery.

Since food is a necessity and good food is something my Mom had always given me when I felt bad, I figured the least I could do was go and feed her and my dad.

Also, guilt…cause of them raising me and all that.

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Basque me no more questions

I was on the road last week doing businessman type things with other business people in an attempt to win new business for my company.

The secret to having a good business meeting is to end it with a good meal.


People buy from people and the best way to get to know a person is to share a meal with them…and maybe a drink, or three. You’ll build trust and a rapport and at the very least you’ll come away with a few good stories.

It’s also nice if the people you’re eating with take you to a local restaurant with good food and a great history.

Thankfully, the people I was meeting in Reno knew just where to take me.

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Porchetta and Guitar Hero: A love story

You know that old relationship you had in high school. The one that, at the time, you thought was perfect and could never end.

The two of you were inseparable. You’d write notes and leave them in each other’s locker, you’d let them wear your favorite Starter jacket all week and you’d always…always figure out a way to cheat “spin the bottle” to get a kiss in public without succumbing to PDA.

Well, this story is kinda like that…but with Guitar Hero and Pork and…ok it’s nothing like that, I just didn’t have a good intro this week.

If you’re not totally annoyed by that and want to cook a pretty solid pork dinner, please read on.

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By the fire

The past few weeks have been really difficult. Regardless of what side you find yourself on, it’s been incredibly stressful to watch what’s been happening in the world.

Especially here in the states.

In my, admittedly short, lifetime I’ve never seen the America as openly divided as it is now. The divide stretches across gender, economic, and racial lines and everyone (regardless of whether they think so or not) is affected by it.

So why am I, a food blogger, writing about this?

Because food is and has always been one of the few things that can bring people together.

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Field(trip) of Dreams

Imagine, if you will, a place.

Not just any place, but a place that is inside another place.

Some call it…a room. A room where a group of people engage in learnings.

A class room.

Enough of that? Ok, well mi madre and I took a class at Eataly Chicago on Thursday and it was legit one of my favorite nights out in a long time.

This is that story…

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Mess Hall Diaries: Greek Shepards Pie

Well, here we are again.

Just you and me. No one else is reading this but you. So consider yourself incredibly special, not only to me…but also to Earth Mother Gaia.

Which, you know…is pretty neat.

I was traveling this week so I had to do some meal prep for the wife, in order to keep her fed during my absence.

This was mostly in the form of Frozen Chicken Tenders and Fries, but I also made a huge batch of Mongolian Beef and cauliflower rice. Which…I am assuming she ate…and enjoyed…RIGHT STACEY!?!

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